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About Us


Parents for Fun in Flagstaff is a group of volunteer parents from our community whose vision was to provide a safe place where the parents, families and children of Flagstaff County could be supported in a designated indoor space. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the support of the community, this dream was realized when the Family Resource Centre was opened in 2010.

We continue to fundraise to keep admission cost low enough to ensure access for all families in our community and to ensure our sustainability as a fixture of Flagstaff County far into the future.


To provide support and services to families and most importantly strengthen communities and family connections. Our continuing goals are:


  • offer consistent programs and services to parents and their children.

  • keep our user fees affordable for all families.

  • hours of operations open for users when they want.

  • continue to fundraise for the sustainability of our facility.

  • grow, change, be unique and fresh.

  • partner with local organizations and businesses so we all have the same common goal; increase a child’s potential so they can be the best they can be for the future of our community.


To provide a safe indoor space and effective programming to meet the needs of families of Flagstaff County and surrounding area.  We develop and operate programs and events that provide positive connections on our communities.  We create opportunities to break down familial isolation barriers, encourage support systems, assist in building sustainable and dynamic relationships while providing a place to encourage children, under the age of 6, to be active and healthy with their peers.


Meet Jessica! Program Facilitator

Meet Jessica Docksteader! She wears many hats… she is our Program Facilitator, a mom, a wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and friend.

If Jessica’s personality could be in a bottle, the bottle would read: enthusiastic, outgoing and compassionate. It’s all about living your life to the fullest and cherishing the small things, as one day you look back and realize they were the big things.

Jessica is passionate about children and family support because it lays the foundation for all that is to come! She loves babies, food, traveling and community!

Tara Devey.jpg

Meet Tara! Program Assistant

Tara is Flagstaff County born & raised. She now lives in Sedgewick with her husband Curtis & their two young kids. Tara loves camping, concerts, travel, thriller novels & strong coffee. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she enjoys any reason to dress up/celebrate! She is energetic, artistic & genuine. Tara is very passionate about keeping events and opportunities thriving in our small towns. She is very excited be apart of all the FUN happening in Flagstaff!


Meet Kastyn! Student Assistant

 Meet Kastyn Campbell! She is our Student Assistant here at the Family Resource Centre. She enjoys any type of arts and crafts, participating in track and field, reading, and playing basketball. A summary of Kastyn’s personality would be friendly, creative, and cheerful. Kastyn loves helping and working with kids and is excited to join the Flagstaff family. She likes working here as much as she used to like playing here.

Board Of Directors

  • Cherise Backen

  • Jodi Campbell

  • Alex Davidson

  • Kailyn Maxwell

  • Melissa Ferguson

  • Kristen Matier

  • Hailea Carey

  • Melissa Burden

Facility Custodian

  • Pam Wesley

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